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What Parents Say

As a Mother of my one and only toddler JANA Joudeh who is the queen of my heart and the main concern of my mind, I feel very proud finding such a nursery like “Apple Bee” Nursery , at first I feel very happy reaching “Apple Bee” Finding the teacher’s smiles and their lovely welcoming presence that Brightens up the mood of Jana and I at once, They always look forward to draw a smile on our faces each morning.

Since the day my daughter stepped in you’r nurcery her love for learning has began to increase which is very Important to me, I believe that this foundation period of my toddler’s is one of the most important places, I am very thankful for the teachers for giving my toddler the best possible start academically and socially. I believe that you are simply doing really good. At last thank you For helping us nurture our children to follow the right paths of learning and socializing. All the best of luck to all the staff of “Apple Bee” Nursery.

Daniella Basal
Jana Joudeh’s mother

As a mom who was over-protective of my son all the time, made sure he was given everything at demand and made sure that he was always smiling, it took me a lot of conviction to put him into playschool.

I’m sure you understand how much of time I may have taken to choose his surroundings, and to make sure that I am giving him the best to offer.
And I must say choosing Apple Bee’s through social media, was the best thing that I have given him! For a toddler who was the least bit social, and would not be able to sit on a chair – he has made TREMENDOUS improvement from the time he has been enrolled there.

He has become more vocal, social and last but not least confident! To see so much in him, in such limited time, I am simply speechless…Thank you to each and every staff member involved in Apple Bee’s to make such a loving, caring and much appreciated playschool for the kids.

Last but not least, the smile on each face inside your premises speaks for itself! It’s nice to see, that like-minded people have gotten together to give a positive impact here…

Thank you once again, for giving us the opportunity to relax and be assured that our son is in the BEST of hands!

Lots of luck, love and happiness…

Rishi’s MOM

Apple Bee Nursery has been a treasure for my daughter. Every morning she is excited and happy to go to school. She loves her teachers and all the staff at the nursery. Each and every person at Apple Bee loves my daughter like their own and gives her extra special attention. With such special care she is thriving. . Her verbal skills have gone well beyond what is projected for her age. Miss Souha, the French teacher, has her singing songs in French every day. Her Arabic is equally strong. My daughter relishes the chance to do all of the arts and crafts she has made each week and what she has learned.
There is no gift more precious than the gift of your child describing all the varied and rich activities they have experienced each day.
I highly recommend Apple Bee Nursery to all prospective families

Susan Thomas
The Mother of Alia Thomas

Thanks to Apple Bee Nursery for their great work! You provide great environment for my kids Abdullah and Zain. The nursery is like a second home for them where they are enjoying their day and learning many things.

Lujain and Ahmed
The Parents of Abdullah and Zain

My kids are at the nursery for the past 3 years, since the opening. They provide excellent early childhood education, very attentive to details. Importantly they teach manners and respect, promote healthy eating.
They are very cooperative with the parents and provide the best services for children. I wish success to this organization, to the employees and want to say special to Ahmed’s teachers Miss Sandra, Miss Khalida, Miss Ruby and also Dr. Irina.

Sulaf Mhalla
The Mother of Ahmed and Majd Al Omari

Both of my children have attended Apple Bee Nursery. They have both enjoyed it thoroughly. My youngest child who has been at Apple Bee Nursery long term has especially benefited from the stimulating, warm and caring atmosphere. Both the teachers and the administrative staff are great.

Anton Kietaibl
The Father of Cecelia and Diego

I placed my second child in this nursery . I consider our family lucky to find this place. We chose the best place, fun and safe for our kids. Thanks to all the nursery members for excellent work and we wish them all the success.

The Parents of Khalid Akram Wajeef
The Parents of Khalid Akram Wajeef

This is definitely “THE” right place for children, safety on top, very high standards, fun activities and the best of all, a very committed and a very loving staff, thank you for providing my son a great beginning for school, as he is so happy and bubbly since his first day in the nursery. After a week only he was clearly speaking ,expressing his feelings and eating without any help. thank you for everything Apple bee!!!!

Adam’s Mother

I have no regrets when i enrolled my daughter in Apple Bee Nursery,there are lots of development since she joined in this nursery like a big progress in her talking,she learnt lots of things like how to be polite to adults,she learnt how to greet people in a nice way.
Apple Bee nursery has an excellent and exceptional great child care.I am so thankful for all the staff members for their great caring,loving to kids specially to the management Miss Nora Kagarova and Miss Selvia Hannah.
Good luck Guys keep up the good work…

Parents of Maryam

The Best place a Child can be… My son attended first another place and then moved few months later to Apple Bee Nursery. You get the support of their staff in every matter concerning your child and they’re pleased to discuss with you your Child’s situation, development, activities and much more any time you wish. My son rapidly developped his language skills, he knows the alphabet, nursery rhymes, shapes, colors and much more. They have Arabic and French Classes as well, which is really good. Every nursery staff knows my son’s name, they are really a family our home. The Nursery Management and My son’s Teacher worked very closely with me to enhance my son’s interaction with other kids. My son loves the place, i am very grateful with the education, activities and all they provide. Even my son is using the Nursery Transportation, everytime i drop him off, i see a big smile on my son’s safe. You dont wanna miss this place!!

Norma Said

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give Islamic classes to all the kids?
How can we connect with you via social media?
Do you post the pictures of all the kids on your social media sources?
Do you prepare the kids for the school?
Do you have CCTV cameras?
Can you help us with Potty-Training at the nursery?
I am very worried about my child’s social development, he is shy and can’t really communicate with others. Can you help us?
Do you provide food at Apple Bee Nursery?
Where are your teacher and kids from?

No, Islamic classes are taught to the Muslim kids only and it is upon parents’ request.

We have Facebook and Instagram accounts under the name of Apple Bee Nursery, you are very much welcome to follow us.

No, not all. The parents will have to fill out the registration form giving permission to have their kids photos posted.

If the permission is not granted to the nursery your child’s photos will not be displayed.  

Yes, we do. Our preschool class program is very similar to the one taught in the schools in kindergarten and prepares the kids to enter any school regardless of the curriculum. The kids will have basic knowledge of literacy, math with big concentration on the development of the social skills which is very essential when succeeding at school.

Yes, we have CCTV cameras in every classroom, dinning area, GYM, outdoor play area, corridors and clinic. Everything is recorded and the parents are welcome to come and see their child’s activities at any time of the day.

Yes, of course we can. Potty – Training should begin at home over a long weekend or holiday. Once you have had success at home we can take over the training at the nursery.  We will provide you with the necessary information and with your cooperation.

Yes we can. When we have a new child joining the nursery our priority is to work on his/her social skills. Social-emotional development is a major part of our Curriculum, it involves socialization, which is the process by which children learn the values and behavior accepted by society. It also involves how to understand their own and others’ feelings, regulate and express their emotions appropriately, build relationships with others and interact in groups.

We provide only healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables, biscuits or cereal and water. The breakfast and lunch should be provided by the parents. We have the refrigerator to keep the food and microwave or oven to heat the food.

At Apple Bee Nursery we believe that all our employees and children regardless of their ethnicity, culture or background should have the opportunity to experience an enjoyable learning environment.


Apple Bee Nursery is open for enrollment throughout the year, we have flexible options and our schedule is especially designed to meet the requirements of the working parents.

The first step you should do when looking for a nursery is to schedule a nursery tour. You can take an appointment by making a call. You are welcome to visit us with your family. We will be happy to show you our premises, explain to you our policies and philosophies and you can also meet our teachers. The children are admitted on ‘first come’ basis and places are subject to availability.

Our fees structure depends on the number of days and timings you would choose, we have 3, 4 or 5 days option. The calendar is divided into terms: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer and the fees are based on how many weeks in each term.  Upon enrollment we take 1000 dhs registration fee, this is a one time, non refundable fee and 500 annual medical fee.

The following documents will be required when enrolling your child with us:


12 December 2017

December Winter Camp Program   Week 1 & 2                                          (December 17th …

27 November 2017

UAE 46 th National Day, Martyrs‘ Day and the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad, & According to the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization, Apple Bee Nursery will be closed on Thursday, November 30 th , until Saturday December 2 nd , 2017.

15 November 2017

PINKTOBER is the title and theme of October 2017 at Apple Bee Nursery. It is the annual Breast Awareness campaign month in UAE, Apple Bee Nursery went pink again on…

1 November 2017

Halloween at Apple Bee Nursery was completely different this year. For the first time ever in Abu Dhabi, our Halloween was totally exploited to promote healthy eating. Our Halloween fairy…

1 July 2017

Mr. Mourad Wezdou from Abu Dhabi University conducted the First Aid and CPR course for our employees at Apple Bee Nursery.

1 July 2017

Preschool classes, Splash days, baking, painting and many more other activities!

17 June 2017

We are participating in Ramadan Bazaar, which is a great fun event that attracts lots of families. We have prepared lots of fun activities for kids like Arts and Crafts,…

18 May 2017

Apple Bee Nursery graduating classes 2017. The event was held at Wanasa Land Al Wahda Mall. It is a happy and sad moment for us to say good bye to…

15 May 2017

Apple Bee Nursery has obtained ISO 9001:2015 quality certification. Congratulations to our staff members on achieving great results and getting thenursery certified. We are committed to providing the best service…

27 April 2017

We celebrate the friendship between the many countries represented here at our nursery. We are proud of the diversity that we have . How the many different cultures, background and…

23 April 2017

We are marking Israa Al Meraj by wearing traditional Emirati clothing. Miss Khalida is educating our Muslim kids on the basics of Islam.

25 February 2017

We are participating in Family and Kids festival on Reem Island, Marina Square! Many families are coming for this beautiful outdoors event. We had a chance to talk to the…

9 February 2017

We are taking the kids to Emirates Park Zoo! We let the kids be aware of the living things around us, animals. We let them explore, feed the animals. Great…

27 December 2016

From January 1st we will start the 2nd Term. Concentrating on the preschool program.

21 December 2016

To mark the end of the year Apple Bee Nursery will have the party for kids on Thursday, December 22nd, 2016. We encourage your children to dress up for the party.

13 December 2016

Apple Bee Nursery is going to have a trip to Um El Emarat Park (Mushrif Park).

2 December 2016

Apple Bee Nursery is happy to celebrate the UAE 45th National Day!

23 November 2016

Apple Bee Nursery Participates in Big Boys Toys Exhibition! The 7th edition of Big Boys Toys was held from 23rd to 26th November 2016 at ADNEC , Abu Dhabi. Luxury,…

31 October 2016

It is time for some fun! Apple Bee Nursery Halloween party!

9 August 2016

Registration is open for the Fall Term! Register now and get the special discount for the whole academic year! Intensive preschool program, Arts and Crafts, French, Arabic and Islamic (for…

16 May 2016

Join us for the Summer Camp. Our Summer Camp program combines fun with education. Our kids can enjoy lots of activities like swimming, arts and crafts, cooking, creative play, educational…

12 May 2016

The year is coming to the end and it is a sad and happy moment at the same time for us as your kids are growing and leaving Apple Bee…

23 December 2015

Apple Bee Nursery marks the end of the year by having the New Year party for kids!

22 November 2015

We are pleased to announce that on Thursday, November 26th, 2015 Apple Bee Nursery will have the celebration of UAE National Day. It is a great honor for us to…

2 November 2015

Dancing and exercising is in every day program for our kids during the Summer Camp. Normally kids exercise all the time without even thinking of it. Just being active, like when you run around outside or play kickball is a kind of exercise. What else counts as exercise?

29 October 2015

Apple Bee Nursery will have a Halloween Party on Thursday October 29th , 2015.

7 October 2015

Apple Bee Nursery ‘goes pink’ on Wednesday, October 7th, in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We kindly request your child to wear pink outfit in support of this day.

25 August 2015

Our kids are making their own ice creams! Decorating it creatively with the fruits littles bees have so much fun with their ice cream!

18 August 2015

The kids are requested to wear pajamas and bring along their favorite soft toy. Our teachers will read for them bed time stories and kids will share their own stories. That is a very relaxing and at the same time bonding time for children.

18 July 2015

Our Summer Camp program combines fun with education. Our kids can enjoy lots of activities like swimming, arts and crafts, cooking, creative play, educational games and much more!