The year is coming to the end and it is a sad and happy moment at the same time for us as your kids are growing and leaving Apple Bee Nursery.
We wish your children all the very best in their future and hope you will cherish nice memories of Apple Bee Nursery.
We will be rehearsing for the graduation party in the mornings and we would like our graduating kids to be particular about the timings and try not to skip any days until it is a very strong reason like sickness.
Apple Bee Nursery graduation party will be held on June 2nd, 2016. The parents of the graduating kids are invited to attend the party at 1 PM.

Recent News

27 December 2016

Winter Term, from January 1st till March 31st 2017

From January 1st we will start the 2nd Term. Concentrating on the preschool program.

27 April 2017

International Day

We celebrate the friendship between the many countries represented here at our nursery. We are proud of the diversity that we have . How the many different cultures, background and…