At Apple Bee Nursery we provide a well-rounded program for children by following The American Creative Curriculum. Our curriculum reflects a fundamental understanding of child development and gives the best of early childhood education practices. The Creative Curriculum  provides suggestions and instructions for our teachers but they have the flexibility to create their own lesson plans based on the needs of the children.  This means that although we might teach similar topics each year, the goals and content varies based on the learning styles of the kids.

We also teach Arabic and French languages to the kids at the nursery. And even though to some of us introducing a new language to a child might seem challenging, the truth is that kids have larger capacities to learn a foreign language than adults particularly if they start at an early age. The earlier we start the better.

Our Arabic and French classes are very much loved by the kids because of the amazing educational games the teachers are introducing and creative Arts and Crafts activities. The Arabic teacher is finding creative and fun ways to capture the attention and interest of the non Arabic speaking kids as well. The Arabic class takes about 40 minutes a day and the French class is held 35 minutes daily. The Arabic and French teachers’ main focus is on developing basic conversational skills and vocabulary using flash cards, rhymes et c.  We consistently receive very positive feedbacks about our Arabic classes even  from non arabs. They are happy that our nursery introduced the Arabic language to their children, which is the First language in the UAE, making it easier for the expat kids to live in this country.

A registered Doctor Irina Shabovta with HAAD license is available on staff full time. Her sole responsibility is to ensure the health and safety of your children. She is also in charge of the infants room. Doctor Irina will administer medication if requested by the parents.

The primary language of Apple Bee Nursery is English, therefore the classroom teachers are all English speaking. They follow the American Creative Curriculum for preschool which is based on five fundamental principles: