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Miss Nora Kagarova

A. Director

Ms. Nora is from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She graduated from the World Languages University with a Bachelor Degree in Romano Germanic Philology (English Language).

Miss Nora moved to Dubai, UAE in 2003 when she joined Jumeirah Group. She worked in Jumeirah Beach and Burj Al Arab hotels for 3 years .In 2007 she got married and settled down with her family in Abu Dhabi. She started working at Al Bustan Private School as KG2 English teacher and a year after was promoted to KG Section supervisor. Miss Nora and her team was entirely responsible for the educational process, safely and other requirements of 125 preschoolers.

Miss Nora became a member of Apple Bee Nursery family in 2012 as an English teacher and later she took charge of the nursery’s operations. Miss Nora considers herself to be blessed with a great team, cooperating parents and wonderful kids. She believes that the diversity of family backgrounds, the community spirit, the caring staff and each child’s unique personality make this Nursery a very special place.

Miss Silvia Hanna

Office Manager

Silvia Hanna is an Apple Bee Nursery Office Manager.

Silvia Andrawos Hanna was born on Christmas day, December 25. She is from Tayba, Palestine. Miss Silvia finished High School of Tayba and joined the Academy for Beauty and Hair Design. When she graduated from the Academy she started her own beauty business. Miss Silvia got married in 1990 and moved to United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi with her family. She continued her Beauty career here.

Miss Silvia is the preopening team of Apple Bee Nursery. She has significantly contributed to the success of our nursery. She is responsible for the smooth running of the nursery operations. Miss Silvia is very loved by all the kids and their parents. She gets joy when seeing the leaps and bounds that every child makes throughout the year. Miss Silvia is very excited about being a part of Apple Bee Nursery and helping mold our future leaders!

Doctor Irina Shabovta


Doctor Irina Shabovta is from Ukraine.

She studied at the Medical College in Ukraine as a midwife. Doctor Irina worked for 6 years at the hospital’s maternity ward as an obstetrician of the delivery room . Later she entered the Zaporozhye Medical State University where she studied 6 years for a general doctor and the last 7th year with the specialization in Pediatrics. Doctor Irina worked in Ukraine for 5 years as a general pediatrician and 5 more years as the kids’ cardiorheumatologyst. Doctor Irina is a licensed registered Physician ( Pediatrics) by Health  Authority Abu Dhabi.

Doctor Irina came to UAE in 2013 with her family, and on January 2015 she joined Apple Bee Nursery as a nursery’s doctor. Irina will be updating you on your child’s health condition, the weight and height. You will frequently receive from her the newsletters on the health awareness. She is responsible for the nursery’s hygiene and cleanliness.

Doctor Irina is closely monitoring the development of the infants and toddlers at Bee Hives ( age 6 weeks to 9 months) and Busy Bees ( 10 to 18 months) rooms.

Miss Mary Charmie S. Berlin

Nurse / toddlers' class supervisor

Nurse / Toddlers’ class supervisor

Miss Charmie passed HAAD examination for the school nurse. She is providing the healthcare for the kids and the employees at our nursery. Miss Charmie is maintaining safe and healthy nursery environment.

Miss Mary Charmie S. Berlin is also responsible for the toddlers (age 10 t0 18 months).

Miss Charmie is from Philippines. She graduated from the University of Saint Augustin with the Bachelor Degree of Science in Nursing. She worked as a nurse at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Nursery Department for 5 years, She was responsible for care and wellbeing of the infants and toddlers. She also has 3 years experience as a Clinic Nurse.

Miss Charmie passed the National Council Licensure Examination in California, USA and Nursing Licensure Examination in Philippines. She is a trained First Aider and basic life support provider.

Miss Charmie has a passion and love for kids. She is well versed in children’s growth and development which makes her a very strong and reliable member of our nursery.

Miss Sara

Class Teacher

Ms. Sara is the class teacher ( 3 to 4 years).

Sara Baptista Seixas is from Castelo Branco, Portugal. She graduated from College Educacao Joao De Deus with a degree in Childhood Education.She worked in Leirea, the Jaoa De Deus Kindergarten for seven years where she taught children aged three to seven years. In September 2012 she moved to UAE with her husband. While working in Kindergarten, Sara attended numerous seminars and workshops related to childhood education.

 Ms. Sara joined our nursery on September 2013 as a classroom teacher (age 3 to 4 years ) and since then has been very much loved by all the kids and appreciated by the parents.

Miss Khalida

Arabic Teacher

Ms. Khalida is an Arabic teacher ( Islamic for Muslim students only ).

Ms. Khalida is from Algeria. She got her degree from the University of Sciences and Technology of Algeria. She has 4 years experience as a Nursery classroom teacher in Algeria and 11 years experience at the nurseries of Abu Dhabi as an Arabic teacher and KG 1 instructor. Miss Khalida knows three languages Arabic, French and English. She is encouraging children’s creative development through stories, songs, games, arts and crafts and imaginative play.   

Miss Khalida joined Apple Bee Nursery from the very opening in 2012. Ms. Khalida is very much loved and appreciated by the kids and parents. We can count on her dedication, trust and love for each and every child.

Miss Noela Ndikum

Miss Noela Ndikum

English Teacher

A well presented professional having over six years of work experience, majority of which has been spent taking care of life’s important gift “Children”.

Born and raised in Cameroon, she speaks fluent English and French. Miss Noela pursued Bachelor’s Degree Program in Curriculum Studies and Teaching specializing in English Language & Literature, together with an aptitude certificate in pedagogy which all paved her way for an adventure with kids – teaching them and learning from them as well.

Later on Miss Noela moved to the United Kingdom where she spent close to four successive years working mostly with kids and earned a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) and Credit certificates in Business Administration .She recently moved to UAE and is very thrilled to join Apple Bee Nursery, which she consider a great career milestone.

Miss Junieline Sedanto

Assistant Teacher

Ms. Junieline Sedanto is an assistant teacher (3 to 4 years).

Junieline Sedanto is from Philippines. Junieline attended college at University of San Jose – Pecoletos and graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce in the year 1985.

 Junieline has received Early Years Educational trainings and has been awarded several certificates in Child Development to enrich her career as an assistant teacher. She has an impressive experience in several nurseries of Abu Dhabi, like Jigsaw Nursery, First Steps and so on.

Ms. Juneiline Sedanto joined Apple Bee Nursery on September 2013 as a teacher assistant for the group age 3 – 4 and has gained reputation as a very hardworking and reliable team member.